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Effect of habitat fragmentation on reptiles in South East Asia




Titel des Projekts: 
Effect of habitat fragmentation on reptiles in South East Asia
Org. Einordnung: 
Squamata: Agamidae, South East Asia, habitat fragmentation, Vietnam


Project start: 2019

Fragmentation of the natural environment has contributed to major biodiversity loss in South East Asia. Reptiles represent a significant biomass and occupy important functions in our ecosystem. However, these organisms are highly sensitive to relatively minor changes in temperature and habitat alteration. In this study we will investigate the effects of habitat fragmentation and potentially climate change on agamids at several sites in Southeast Asia. We will identify the species richness of agamids, their habitat use, and their diet. By using morphometrics, we aim to correlate morphology and habitat use and diet to explore the ecological niches these lizards occupy. We will also test for microhabitat preferences and optima to understand the ecological impacts on these species caused by forest fragmentation. We hope to use this approach to lay the foundations for macro-ecological modelling proving insights into future distributions and the impact of habitat connectivity.


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