The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change

is a research museum of the Leibniz Association

Dr. Sarah Bourlat

Head of metabarcoding section
Deputy ombudsperson for good scientific practice
Tel: +49 228 9122-353
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: s.bourlat [at]



Field of work

Metabarcoding, metagenomics, environmental sequencing, molecular ecology, biodiversity & conservation.

Research interests

  • Monitoring and next generation biodiversity assessments, insect population declines, conservation decisions and ecosystem management.
  • Spatial and temporal dynamics of species within ecosystems, changes in community structure and taxonomic composition in key habitats, ecosystem modelling.
  • Food webs, gut contents analyses, plant-animal and host-parasite interactions.
  • Red-listed and invasive species monitoring, development of methods for highly sensitive species detection in environmental samples.
  • Repeatability and robustness of metabarcoding pipelines and ananlytical workflows, protocol standardization, benchmarking, mock community experiments.
  • Large-scale processing and analysis of metabarcoding datasets for automated monitoring stations and malaise traps.
  • Development of ‘PCR-free’ methods for accurate qualitative as well potentially quantitative biodiversity assessments.

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