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Dr. Matthias Geiger

Committee work, reporting, PhD program coordination
(Former GBOL & FREDIE Project Coordination )
Tel: +49 228 9122-258
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: m.geiger [at]



Field of work

Since Jan 2019 I am responsible for various science reporting obligationgs, panel work and the coordination of the newly initiated ZFMK Graduate School.

Between May 2014 and Dec 2018 I coordinated the German Barcode of Life project (GBOL - as successor of Dr. Stephanie Pietsch.
Before that I worked as postdoctoral researcher in the FREDIE (FREshwater Diversity Identification for Europe - project with Fabian Herder. This project was aimed at setting up - and critically testing - a voucher-based DNA barcoding reference system for virtually all species of European freshwater fish, mollusks and mayflies, from Portugal to the Ural.
My special focus is on freshwater fish evolution and diversity. Please visit the GBOL & FREDIE sites for details, partners, pictures and progress. Before I came to ZFMK in Bonn, I worked on phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships of Nicaraguan Midas cichlids (Amphilophus spp.), on fish taxonomy, and have been involved in the DNA Bank Network and different DNA Barcoding projects.

Research interests

Science management, project coordination, science-policy interactions, DNA barcoding and biodiversity, European freshwater fishes, cichlids and plecos, speciation, hybridization, systematics and taxonomy, biogeography, population genetics, morphology

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