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Dr. Lars Podsiadlowski

Head (interim) Centre for Molecular Biodiversity Research
Scientific head of molecular lab (zmb)
Tel: +49 228 9122-356
Fax: +49 228 9122-295
Mail: l.podsiadlowski [at]



Field of work

Starting from october 2017 I am the scientific head of the molecular laboratories at the centre of molecular biodiversity (zmb). Besides general organisation of the laboratories I am mainly responsible for high throughput sequencing in the course of genomic, transcriptomic and collection based hybrid-enrichment projects. I am also strongly involved in further analysis steps from quality checks up to assembly and annotation pipelines.

Research interests

Evolution of genomes: population genomics, genomic changes during speciation processes, comparative genomics between higher ranking taxa. Evolution of genes, gene families and mobile elements (e.g. transposons). De-novo evolution of genes.


Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Deutscher Hochschulverband, Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft, Society of Systematic Biologists

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