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Dr. Vera G. Fonseca

Former Head of Metabarcoding Section
Mail: v.fonseca [at]



Field of work

Metagenetics and Metabarcoding; Ecology of  eukaryotes (distribution patterns, functional ecology, communities assemblages); Transcriptomic responses to environmental perturbations; Biodiversity in a taxonomic and evolutionary perspective; Development of molecular markers to assess genetic diversity but also as a diagnostic tool for specific pathologies

Research interests

I have been using Meta-Genetics/Barcoding approaches to know and understand levels of biodiversity, richness and community structure in eukaryotes. To further taxonomically classify and compare metazoan communities within these large-scale environmental datasets I have been using molecular clustering approaches (OTUs), with the help of available pipelines and open software packages.
My main interests of research focus on the molecular causes underlying the diversity of life, the ecology and evolution of organisms and ecosystems. What shapes community structure/patterns and diversity?  How does this diversity and richness drives community structure and ultimately the ecosystem? Who is driving whom: dispersal vs niche driven factors vs community composition/structure?

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