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Invasive species are a main threat to global biodiversity


Invasive species such as the African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis, are a main threat to global biodiversity. Xenopus is native to Southern Africa but was introduced to four other continents. In Europe, the species could establish populations in France, Italy and Portugal. In our recently published study, we provide a novel approach, which was used to reconstruct the invasion of this highly invasive frog for Portugal. Using satellite data, including data on elevation, vegetation and land cover, we found that this almost fully aquatic frog most likely used a terrestrial corridor with three golf course ponds next to Laje River to reach a second river. Further, we give recommendations about possible future corridors, which will support the Portuguese eradication program for this frog.

Research team: Ginal, P., Moreira, F. D., Marques, R., Rebelo, R., & Rödder, D.

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