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Decline of a keystone species: first results of a cooperation between Cameroonian and German scientists to investigate the population status and the ecology of the Kob-Antelope in Cameroon

– and the urgent need for further studies


A cooperation between Cameroonian and German researchers was started recently that aims at improving our knowledge concerning the status and the ecology of the Buffon’s kob antelope (Kobus kob kob, Erxleben 1777). A first outcome of the cooperation is this study now published conducted in Faro National Park, in Northern Cameroon. Located to the West of the Bénoué Complex, is very rich in biodiversity. It is considered a key site for the Cameroon’s protected area network. The results are remarkable: the population size decreased dramatically by 80%. Because the species plays an important role in maintaining the equilibrium of the trophic web, it is absolutely necessary to get more knowledge about the distribution, abundance and ecology of the Kob antelope. Effective conservation strategies and sustainable management of protected areas should be defined in a forceful wildlife management plan.

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