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Aryadevi Anitha Shaji

PhD student
Mail: A.Shaji [at]



Field of work

My primary interest lies in unraveling the intricate inherent patterns of evolutionary processes and their pivotal role in the biodiversity conservation. Specifically, I am keen on integrating bioinformatics and sequencing methodologies to explore the diverse realms of behavioural, phenotypic, and genomic evolution. Throughout my past research endeavours, I delved into the multifaceted aspects of evolutionary biology, meticulously examining the impact of biogeography in shaping the phenotypic and genomic population structures of the Eastern honeybee.
Now, as part of the BigFoot project, I envision to delve deeper into the field by investigating the signatures of population decline across different species over distinct temporal dimensions. Through this, I aim to contribute valuable insights that will aid in understanding and mitigating the impacts of population decline on biodiversity.

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