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NaPA (Nature-positive Agriculture) Projekt



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NaPA (Nature-positive Agriculture) Projekt
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The NaPA (Nature-positive Agriculture) project explores the effects of flowering strips on arthropod diversity in agricultural landscapes. As a nationwide cooperation between the Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring (ZBM) and 20 organic and conventional farmers, the project works at the interface between academic research and agricultural practice to quantify the effects of sustainable management techniques.

Arthropods will be collected at increasing distances from flowering strips and from control transects without flowering strips. We will use multiple trapping methods to capture flying, soil-surface active, and subsoil arthropods. The active participation of cooperating farmers allows for regular collections throughout the entire growing season.

Collected arthropods will be identified using molecular and morphological methods to determine the effects of flowering strips on biodiversity throughout the year, across years, and under different management strategies.


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Head of Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring (zbm)
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