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Dr. Nicole Nöske

FörTax Project
Tel: +49 228 9122-385
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: N.Noeske [at]



Field of work

  • Investigation of the specific need for species knowledge and taxonomy throughout Germany for biodiversity research, nature conservation, consulting services and reporting obligations of the federal and state governments;
  • Inventory of  the existing educational offers for species knowledge and taxonomy with respect to the biodiversity of Central Europe, taking into account all relevant institutions
  • Research, interviews, surveys, network building and extension, data collection, development of an online database, analysis and evaluation
  • Creation of a catalog of recommendations for action with practical political demands for the areas of taxonomic training, voluntary work and school curricula.

Research interests

  • Biodiversity and nature conservation
  • Plants (including bryophytes) and lichens
  • Species / taxonomic knowledge
  • Data management
  • Citizen Science
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


Bryologisch-Lichenologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mitteleuropa (BLAM), International Association for Lichenology (IAL), Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik (GfBS), BUND - Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland, Institut für Biodiversität - Netzwerk (ibn), Istituto Sardo Di Scienze Lettere E Arti (ISSLA)

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