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The Coast - Dividing Edge and Habitat ## EXTENDED ##

Nature Photography by the Naturfototreff Eschmar


12.05.2020 to 23.08.2020
2nd floor
Type of exhibition: 
Photo exhibition

In an endless interplay of water and land, coastal regions form what is probably the most diverse landscape forms on our planet. We find fine sandy or coarse gravel beaches of different colours, as well as hard rocky coasts, high cliffs or varied mixtures of these.

At the transition from sea to land, the typical coastal weather phenomena and the unusual light conditions are particularly interesting. While on land the lighting normally comes from above, the reflecting water surfaces can create other more unusual lighting conditions.

In addition, the coastal habitat provides us with its own flora and fauna. We encounter a wide variety of creatures, each of which has specific relationships with the sea, but must not lose contact with the solid ground.

With this exhibition we, the photographers of the Naturfotreff Eschmar, show again our personal, subjective view on our photo topic (summarized to a group view).


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