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After Nature

To the endangered and vanished ones


15.08.2019 to 20.10.2019
Type of exhibition: 
Art exhibition


" All original plans for my exhibition in Bonn vanished into thin air when I entered the archives in the Museum Koenig. I was simply overwhelmed by the state and planetary scope of the collections and the way in which the beauty of birds and mammals was presented. I simply listened to them like muses. They have chosen themselves as part of the exhibition. Each specimen has its own story in life and death, which now leads into the banquet hall. Here they now stand side by side, opposite or lined up next to each other and, in the course of what might be called alchemical references, they carry out the transformation of past creatures into messengers of a sublime afterlife. "

Janet Laurence



Janet Laurence is a contemporary installation artist. In her works, the media she uses deal with the themes of fragility and loss of our natural world and our diverse relationship to it.



The works reach into the organismic and possess a sense of instability and transience and are located in the overlapping area of art, science, fantasy and memory.






With a deep belief in the interconnectedness of all life forms, Laurence produces works in response to specific locations or environments and uses a variety of materials. Transformation, history and perception are fundamental themes in her exhibition work.



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